Quilt Group

Quilt Group

Quilt Group

The quilt group –  one of the longest running community groups in Dublin – was born out of desire to create memorial quilts for those who had died from AIDS or a drug-related illness in the Rialto/Crumlin areas.

After producing many memorial quilts, the group has moved on to tell other stories:

  • their community and its development: ‘Quilting in the Community
  • historic Dublin: ‘Dublin in the Rare Auld Times
  • hope for the future: ‘Quilt of Hope’

Breaking Down Prejudice, Raising Awareness

The quilts stand alongside the thousands famously made around the globe as symbols of the uniting of support for those affected by HIV.

The group were instrumental in setting up and organising the long-running annual Friends Remembering Friends service to remember those who have died within the local community. It is a testimony to the group that despite difficulties the core group are still supporting each other through the grieving process.

I remember the quilt group doing art work, sewing, having cups of tea while remembering loved ones and producing community art, another incredible avenue of practical grace released into our lives.Noel, in Drinking From the Same Cup

The Quilt Group is supported by the Loreto Foundation Fund, the Rialto Community Drugs Team and an agency in Northern Ireland.


Community quilts on display in the Church of Our Lady of Lourdes, Sean McDermott St, Dublin 1, for the annual March of Hope.

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