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Pray! Prayer matters to us. We do not pray just to energise or bring about any kind of change in ourselves. We do not pray because it is some sort of extra activity, an addendum to our core work. We pray because we have to, we want it to be as natural to us as breathing. We pray because we believe it makes a difference. If you or your church would like to join with us in praying then please get in touch with us.

Volunteer! There are many ways to volunteer for ACET:

  • Fundraising: A big thank you to everyone who has organised or taken part in a fundraiser on our behalf! From recorded albums* to coffee mornings, benefit concerts to marathons and mini-marathons, we have benefitted! If you would like to organise a table quiz, a sponsored walk, bag packing, or anything else that captures your interest, please contact us. For coffee mornings, we have coffee morning packs available. We also can provide sponsorship cards and t-shirts for anyone doing a sponsered run or walk. Volunteer fundraisers on behalf of ACET are required to adhere to the standards set out in the Guidelines for Charitable Organisations Fundraising from the Public, which can be read here: Conduct of Fundraisers

* Maureen Gatharia’s CD, Magnetic Power, is available from our office. All proceeds go to ACET Ireland.

  • Care! Every week ACET Care Volunteers are meeting with those affected by HIV, providing them with practical and emotional support. Their work forms an integral part of our Care project. Care Training: There is a temptation in the voluntary sector to first ask Lenin’s question “What will we do?” and then to answer it promptly by getting involved, learning as we go. While this may have some value we believe in first asking Marvin Gaye’s question “What’s going on?“So before our volunteers are placed with any clients they undergo a rigorous training programme. This includes reflecting on our own attitudes, values and behaviours toward those living with HIV, as well as our own understanding of grief and how we apply boundaries in our own lives. Therefore the potential volunteer is immersed in the ACET ethos and this training course itself becomes one of the highlights of their journey with us. All volunteers are Garda vetted before engaging with clients.“The initial training course opened my eyes and challenged me to do something if I could. I found that as the week’s training course went on, I looked forward to the sensitive, caring and informative talks and workshops… Had my journey stopped there, I would still have been enriched by that week.Christine O’Connor

AIDS Care Education & Training Ireland