2021 Annual Report

“While we had established a rhythm of care work through the early months of the pandemic, starting in to another year with heightened restrictions was definitely challenging and exhausting…”

Our 2021 annual report traces the ups and downs of a second year of Covid restrictions impacting our work with a different pandemic Quotations from our clients add another layer to our report:

“My anxiety has been through the roof non-stop but today I felt like I could breathe again.”

“I just feel as if I’m stuck, stuck in my room, looking out at the drug dealing on the road. It’s brought me to a really dark place and only for the family that I’ve lost — they give me strength to get through one more day. I know that sounds mad but you understand because you know my story.”

While we don’t rely on numbers to describe our work, sometimes they can add a little more to the picture. Here’s what our 2021 care work looked (a little bit!) like:

You can read our 2021 report here.

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