2017 Annual Report

Every spring as we approach our AGM, we take time to look back on the last year. CEO Richard Carson opens the 2017 report with these words:

On the noticeboard in our office there is a short list of reminders. Staff, when at their most mindful, take a moment to read them while coming from or going to our community activities. One simply states “Beginning, Middle, End, Rest.” It is a reminder of how to process one’s task of being present to the people we seek to support.

This Annual Report is a moment of ‘Rest’ – a chance to take stock of how 2017 went for the ACET Team. It is full of stories of new Beginnings, of being present in the Middle, of embracing End realities and of insisting that Rest is not a means to an efficient end but part of the impactful work itself.

We look back at the Education projects, the Care work – including the story of one family – and Matilda Project in Zimbabwe plus a snapshot of our financial accounts, with thanks to our funders, supporters and all those we work alongside.

Read the 2017 annual report here.

You can always click onto our 2017 report on our ‘Contact Us’ page, along with previous annual reports and newsletters.

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