Spaces Matter – On the Threshold

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ACET’s Liminal Space Project is an attempt to tell something of the story of our work. A liminal space is somewhere that exists at the point between two realities. The old may have passed but the new has not yet come. The threshold between despair and hope, between darkness and light has been an ongoing home for our projects and a place where we have encountered beauty, meaning and miracles. These projects find their origins in a virus that changed the world but now also find definition in the many fault lines of societal injustice exposed by HIV. Through photographs and videos we will show you the liminal spaces of homes, streets, people and issues that have come about over our 25 years in existence and are made real by the work of our staff and volunteers every day. New images will be added on a regular basis and we hope these glimpses will inform, encourage and inspire you. Why don’t you take a look at


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